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Auto Maintenance

Engine Being Serviced

Keeping your car or truck in good condition means taking it in for regular inspections and performing regular maintenance – everything from oil changes to replacing brake pads and brake rotors. Replacing the parts of your car that receive the most wear and tear helps drivers and passengers stay safe, and regular inspections help to catch minor defects before they turn into major repairs.

When you visit Tim’s Auto II at Drew Mountain for a car inspection, you’ll find the best combination of convenience and thoroughness. Our highly-trained and ASE certified technicians know how to diagnose nearly any automotive malady before it turns into an issue. Once we’ve inspected and diagnosed your car, our expertise comes into play. We’ll be able to perform any required maintenance in a fraction of the time it takes other auto shops.

We can perform maintenance services that include:

• Brakes
• Transmissions
• Engines
• Injectors (Specialty)
• Tires
• Tune-ups
• And more…

We’ll even perform necessary maintenance on diesel trucks – jobs that many other auto shops are scared to perform! Other shops may find that they lack the required expertise to work on diesel – and even if they can find the expertise, it may be hard to find the parts. That’s not true for Tim’s Auto II at Drew Mountain – bring in any diesel vehicle and we’ll have it fixed and maintained as fast and as professionally as any gasoline car.

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